License - transferrable?

Firstly, thanks for making this, and making it available on Android. I came here from your SculptGL website when it occurred to me to look for an Android version after the menus got in the way of the menu bar on my narrow phone screen!

I want to buy the full version, but I have two devices - my phone and my art tablet. They’re both Android, but I don’t want to pay twice - is the license transferrable? Is it worked through the normal Play store license system?

Also, a bit cheeky to ask, but my six year old daughter likes Nomad too - can I get her on the same license somehow? She’s on a different Android account.

I’m not terribly good on it, but hopefully I’ll improve!



Yes the purchase is linked to the Google Play account, so it should be unlocked for both device.

Not possible!
The only thing that I can do is sometimes give a free 30 days demo for iOS because there is no trial on iOS.

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Isn’t Google Family Library what you need?

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I have tried to use the Google family function to get my child be creative. Only the trial version is working.There is no link to the family account possible.
Is there a workaround? Is this a bug?
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May you can “buy for free” if the accounts are both in family library. Or just log in yhe other device and unintall in the other