Layer sculpting independent of higher layers

Would it be technically possible to make sculpting on lower layers independent of visible layers that are higher up in the layer stack?

(Not sure if I asked this one before :blush: )

I can work like this already by hiding the higher layers temporarily.

That works fine but I think it would be even nicer if I had skin details on layer 2 for example that wouldn’t get smoothed/negatively applied to layer 1 (head shape) when sculping with clay/brush on layer 1 when layer 2 is not hidden.

I know I already discussed that long time ago in the forum but I can’t find the topic.

Long story short: tricky to do so not planned.

Note that the order of layers doesn’t matter at all for deformation. It’s only for painting that it does something.

Ok so just a vector adttions, no local/normal stuff, makes sense. This other thing is just something to keep in mind when sculpting on a lower layer.