Is it best to make a skeletal armature or a whole body armature?

Sorry if the title sounds confusing, but im wondering what techniques are best for making an armature.

I saw a video by southerngfx about creating armatures in a somewhat similar way to zspheres which i find fantastic. In that video i would describe his base mesh to be a whole body armature. Where he added in the overall shape of the figure included the muscle shapes.

This is something i did while using his method. It may be hard to tell but i did try to add the overall body shape. But when working on the arm that is raised up i had trouble reaching around the shoulder. due to been close to the neck and head.

Im wondering if theres a way to get around that and if prehaps using a more stickman/ skeletal armature could help. That prehaps building up from the “bones” could make the process easier then building up from something that’s already to a basic shape and size?

Did also have abit of the same issue on the other arm where the torso and arm meet.

Use selMask, then hit the hide mask button, seems to work pretty well, I’ll have a look at the video just to understand more what you are referring too, but I do understand working in tight areas.

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@dathen Thanks heaps i didnt even realise self masking would be perfect.

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