iPhone scan to nomad to plastic

I used ScandyPro to scan a coworker with my iPhone and then put it into nomad and tuned it up a lot then printed it.

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Lol that’s awesome

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That’s so good! I use Heges for my phone scans and have been messing about with conversion of PLY to GLTF for coloured scans in Nomad. Your scan cleaned up really well in Nonad :+1:t2:

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Awesome work!

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I’m like what felt like lightyears from 3D model to printing, but this is, well CRAZEE!

I’ll be back to pick your incredible brain hopefully in the not too distant future

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Pro cleanup job! That looks like you put a lot of time into it.
Great job!

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I tried doing a scan once and since I don’t know how to use nomad yet I couldn’t figure out to erase all the little artifacts that are out in space away from the model. Any tips on deleting those?

In ScandyPro app after you scan you can utilize an auto cleanup feature that will get rid of most if not all of those. Once it’s in nomad you can just use your trim tool and proper view points to delete them out. I’ve found that artifacts close to the surface can be smoothed away. I like to turn on dynamic topology to smooth out any stray artifacts along with unwanted holes.

Thanks. I found that using the trim tool sometimes would go crazy and morph my scan into an abstract redesign. That might be why you said using the proper view points. I’ll keep working at it. Thanks for the tips.

@RiserStrike One option would be to hit the Scene tab, select the object, hit Separate just below, and delete all of the offending objects. Bit of a long way around, but still effective.

The way to do this with the trim tool is to turn off hole filling - it makes abstract art because with hole filling on, it’s trying to fix non-manifold “open” meshes. With hole filling off you simply get the messy mesh removed from the model :+1:t2:

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Thank You!