How to make heart shaped crystals

Hey, I try to heart shaped crystals but my nomad program I can’t find how to turn sphere to crystal. I watch tutorial but I don’t find uv sphere topology ? Can somebody help me pls

Duplicate your heart shape and then decimate it till you get the look you want. It’s not perfect but should get you good results.

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first option is to use a triplanar primitive; thier you can model(rough shapes) enything you want (lower the resolution of it for more “crystalized” product or just voxel remesh it)

second is, you have to use other sofware that more on 3d/Box modeling. this is for more control of vertex, poligon, and OFC shape.

This one, i made it on other sowftware. Sorry bad renering​:sweat_smile: if you want the file, just let me know.:wink:


I used a triplanar to get a heart shape as @Random mentioned. Then smoothed it into better shape. After that, it decimated it until I liked the shape and faces of the heart. Then remeshed it and smoothed the shape’s edges a little. Then rendered it and converted to gif vid: