How do you use this program with school age students?

I am a Primary teacher and would love to use this program with my students who have an interest in gaming and have a range of learning disabilities.

I don’t know if it’s suitable for everyone but the most accessible / bare minimum way could be:

  • enable “dynamic topology”
  • restricting yourself to only a few tools: clay, smooth, move, paint
  • radius/intensity sliders on the left
  • sub button to carve matter

But honestly it’s hard for me to tell as I’m on the technical side of thing.

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I recommend you create some pokemon model like or something that focuses their attention using a few primitives, voxel it, transform it, and start painting.
Another way is to load the same model for all on Nomad and from there sculpt to transform the model and paint it.

I’m preparing to show Nomand to a group of teenagers and this is how I will focus it, primary children are younger but very capable so they are digital natives mainly.