How can I view my Alphas in folders instead of one big mess?


Just wondering how I can view my Alphas in separate folders e.g. skin, hair, scales etc instead of them all together as one large mess, as I’m finding it difficult to find what I’m after?


I have only workarounds.
Sort your alphas via Photo app & albums, or via File app and folders
Load only those you need. And delete those you don’t……am I saying that to myself ? :rofl:

Hi Knacki,

Not sure if we are on the same path so just thought I’d drop you a link to a video showing how he can create named folders and he can view his different alphas within Nomad. Scroll through towards the end of his video to see this? Nomad Sculpt - Organize Folders - YouTube

My alphas all seem to appear in one single folder (mess). I don’t understand how his have titles and are in folders as I’ve tried to copy what he does by going out of the Nomad app and then going to my Nomad Alpha folder on my system and putting all my alphas into their own folders like he does with his projects and then go back into the Nomad app.


Hahaha - you see, one can benefit in trying to help others.
Completely forgot this has already happened.

I made a test already, thanks for the link and thanks @Holger_Schoenischka for the video!
In my test, one folder was shown up, the other didn’t. Changed names and it was fine. But I am not in the position to teach, just surviving in the moment :joy:
All on the very bottom below existing alphas.
Nested folders are shown like separate……but hey, minutes ago I didn’t even know this is existing :rofl:
I would try.
Be careful with alpha size. I just thrower on in with 14MB and Nomad took quite some time with thumbnail creation before starting.

Either organize your alphas directly in the Nomad/alphas folder, or simply rename the alpha by prefixing with the folder name, e.g « folder/image.png »

Real-time experience exchange.

I opened files app. Opened it a second time in Split View for drag & drop.
Went to nomad/alpha folder
Created folders and drag & drop alphas in.
Opened Nomad and all folders are there.

Very cool.

Best you check step by step with video again. There must be a tiny mistake you made you probably can find out by yourself only. You know that moment when you smash against your forehead :vulcan_salute:

Edit, that’s the drag and drop scenario. With select option it is fast as hell.
Great work Stephomi!!

Bollocks to this, I can’t get it to work!!!


I don’t understand!

Why are you opening the files app twice?

When you open up Nomad do the folders just suddenly appear in the list or do you have to click on the ‘+’ icon to make them appear?

Any chance someone could do a quick video on this?


After struggling like mad and trying to simulate that video for the PROJECT TEST, It’s only just appeared in Nomad (at last!) but only when my screen crashed out of the project I was in and reverted to the standard sphere. Not sure what happened but it worked.

Now the reason for this post was to get the folders working for the ALPHAS, but I’m not getting any joy with this, I’ve tried the split screen and coping across and nothing. Really frustrating but this is just another day in the life of me constantly battling with technology and it ends up working for everyone else (joy!)

I’ll keep trying!

You need to make folders in the Nomad/Alpha section - eg. Rocks (folder name) - leave the folder blank, then manually rename each alpha with the folder prefix - eg if the alpha file name is ‘‘pebbles.jpg’’ - you rename it with the blank folder you just made - so it would be Rocks/pebbles (leave out the .jpg). It works just fine, I’ve arranged my alpha’s in folders accordingly.

Step by step test:

1 close Nomad
2 open files app
3 navigate to nomad folder - on my ipad/ Nomad
4 open alpha folder
5 create a folder inside alpha folder and name it “hello”
6 open Nomad again
7 go to alpha
8 in list below scroll down - look, someone says hello :grinning:

That’s it, forget the rest.
If folder creation has worked, you can close Nomad again and rename folder, create new folders, drag & drop your alphas inside those folders and open Nomad after. No split screen necessary, it’s just quicker.

You need to restart Nomad to initialise new folders.
Best close it before all operations and open after.

That’s all. You will do it! I believe in you!

Rename the alpha’s or just drag and drop them in @Diege

No need to rename here. I just threw them in.
But they are sorted alphabetically. If you want to change order, renaming is the option.

You’ll kill me guys, got it working!!!

The reason why it wasn’t working was I didn’t know how to officially ‘Close’ out of Apps, what an idiot. Time to go back to iPad school for me.

Thanks for your help and patience with this.