Can’t find Alphas folder

Does anybody know why I don’t have a Alphas folder in my Nomad app folder? This is where I am supposed to save my new alphas in order to use them in the app wright? When i go to files/Nomad there are only two folders inside : ‘projects’ and “data”.

Easy way I do it, is just rename the alpha with a folder prefix - for example, if you have a Rock alpha called ‘Rock.jpg’ -long press on it, rename - make up a folder name - then type in the alpha image prefix. Example: I would write: Terrain/Rock.jpg - it will then automatically organise it into a folder called ‘‘Terrain’’ - voila.

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IOS or Android ? I have IOS, but I know that Android does not show all folders. I think you need ES File Explorer…

The alphas folder is created when you have at least one alpha (either import one from the app or create the folder yourself).

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Thanks a lot! It was this simple :smile: