From cero to hero / New in Nomad and 3D modeling. / My artworks and practices

Feel free to comment and provide your appreciation, I’m starting to learn 3D modeling and Nomad is my first software. Since I was a child I wanted to make this kind of things and now it is possible for me to start. If you are an expert, here you will find a great student, test me. :smiling_face:

(Sorry for the edits but I’m new to this as well) :sweat_smile:


This is my version of Eve from Wall-E, hope you like it.

OctaneX rendered.


My practice of 3D character modeling from references. I received such a great advices within nomad discord related to this model coming from great artists. I will keep this model to compare the progression in the future. Any advice is appreciated.


Practicing in Nomad. So much fun.


This was my first low poly building. I learned how to set materials and “lights”. Painted and detailed in Procreate, around 1 week ago. It was around 1.7M vertices. I know is too much but I’m practicing and getting better on it. I’ll post more about this kind of creation down below.


I posted the wip on the discord channel. This is the final result of a low poly building practice that I’m started to work on following the techniques of a great Russian artist. It was made few days ago and I could make it in less than 5k vertices which It’s an improvement for me since in the first one was more than 1.7M vertices. :sweat_smile:

Everything except for the textures was made and rendered in Nomad. Hope you like it.


Finally, this is my last practice about low poly building I finished today. I put more effort in the details and I think I’ll continue with this concept sequence because by now I just love it.

15k scene vertices in total.

Hope you like my progression until now. I’ll keep posting in this topic my practices and progression of my skills. Any advice is truly appreciated.


I finished the windmill modeling inside and outside. Hope you like it. Now it’s time to set colors and play with materials. I’m wondering 30k vertices is still considered as low poly or it is already mid poly? Just curiosity.