First creature in Nomad!

Hello my name is Jacqueline. I started as a special make-up artist and a traditional sculptor artist then I met ZBrush and I love it. Recently got Nomad because I love to sculpt when I am on the way or on the couch. It is also awesome.


Hi and welcome!

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Hi Jacqueline! I had a best friend named Jacqueline growing up, so I’m bias of those… thus named.

I’m the resident non-artist…

(Today’s work in Nomad/Procreate, “Different Strokes Make Different Blokes”)

…but I’m into the meta part of programs (the programming of programs) and all mediums of creativity. But the only natural artistic gift I have is in music.

I find it amazing that humans come stock with certain really strangely specific abilities, and that sculpting really seems to be distinct from painting. Is there not some cross over, since they both are of the visual arts?

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Hi, I also teach students and what strikes me is that the students who are good at drawing are generally also good at sculpting. The other way around is also the case. They do have one thing that is easier for them, but they can generally do both.

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