Feature request: clear file name option

First of all, I love the app! It’s been invigorating to have a great sculpting program on a mobile device, so thanks for all the hard work.

When saving a new file, it would be great to have an “X” next to the file name field to clear out the automatic file name of “my_project”. Selecting the text with a long press has always been a sore spot in iOS. Sometimes, it will only highlight the ‘project’ part and not the whole phrase. Clicking x would speed things up. It’s a small thing, but removes a little bit of friction. The rest of the UI is so smooth, so I think this would help.

Other file related bits that would be cool:

  • automatically add the date as part of the default project name (incremented)—not necessarily if the file has already been given a name, just the generic default project name.

  • It would be cool if the file name on still image export was the same as the project file.

Obviously, larger, more important changes like getting rid of chunky triangles during voxel remesh should take higher priority over small things like this! :slight_smile:

Anyway, awesome app. Thanks for considering it, and keep up the great work!