Does initial size of the objects matter

Sometimes when I import something the relative scales are off, sometimes by 100x.

Does it matter about scaling overall? I imagine it doesn’t as it’s all vector based but just in case, should I be scaling up my initial spheres to leave room for details later?

I found scaling up to a larger size does have an affect on things like Ambient Occlusion, not by much but it can dig into some more detailed areas. It’ll get to a point though when the model just infinitely scales and there’ll be no difference. So yes, enlarging models more can help with rendering visual effects - but it’s not a huge leap.

Do we have measures inside Nomad? A way of knowing if the model is “small”?

I go by the grid. If it’s smaller then the grid it’s small in world, bigger then the grid, large.

Yep, Measure tool (ruler icon)
Default cube size is 1x1x1 units

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Ah yeah. I thought there was one but most times I don’t see it. Got to remember it.