Does anyone think it is necessary to change it like this?

Combine A to B, Simplify the coloring process,I even think that the quilt drawing area includes edge optimization, which is better than the coloring function.

I don’t think so. They’re completely different tools.

I say this because the normal sequence involves using face groups and masks to determine the coloring positions before actually applying the color (direct coloring without these steps is not being considered). However, when determining the face groups, they already have their own colors. So, I was thinking that if the color of the face groups could be directly applied to the coloring, it might reduce the number of steps needed. Importantly, the smoothing function for the boundaries of the face groups is truly very useful.

I think face groups are based on faces - vertex color on the other hand is based on vertecies.
You can also see the difference in the edge bleeding for color.
With face groups there is also no color gradient or greyscale as with the mask or vertex color.
You could possibly get the face group colors via reproject as Vertex Color maybe in the future.
But I don’t believe that you can combine the tools.

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What you are saying is a detailed expression of my idea.