Demon quick sculpt

Finally has some time during vacation to sculpt something. Really nice to just make a quick sculpt for the sake of it, without having to keep things clean for baking or mapping or rigging or animation.

Sculpted in Nomad, lighting and rendering in Blender Eevee


Really cool work. I like the atmosphere in the rendering

Great little demon! What was your workflow to build the form?

Thanks. Glad you like it.
As for the workflow, I used low resolution primitives (and the wonderful tubes) to block up the shape and the pose with the move brush, trying hard not to spend too much time before committing to something. Then I use the clay brush and the crease brush to find some fixed landmarks like the shoulder blades, spine, orbit bones, knuckles and such. Having these in place I refine the pose and shape a final time before using the clay brush to draw muscles that attach to the landmarks. That’s basically it.
Probably took me about four to five hours over a clouple of evenings to do the sculpt and another half an hour to set up some basic lighting and atmosphere.

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The sketch had some type of flame hair, so decided to play around a bit with mantaflow in Blender to get this working.


Updated the material and lighting for some more interesting result


Nice! I really like the flow and the gesture of the pose :smile:

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The anatomy on the arms especially looks great!

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Great work!

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So good…it reminds of an 80s marvel Inferno demon!

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