Control over normals export per object

Currently, on export one can only choose “include normals” or “exclude normals”. This is a bit problematic for direct glTF export though, as in some cases one wants normals for meshes without layers and no normals for meshes with layers (as glTF viewers have to calculate blend shape normals in that case).

Would be great if there was a way to either
A) have another toggle that objects with layers don’t export normals
B) have objects with layers also export per-layer normals (currently they don’t if I’m not mistaken)
C) have per-object control over normals export

I’d prefer A, for layer objects I never want to export normals but for others I do (e.g. have a character with layers sitting on a tree > tree should export with normals but character not since viewers must calculate them anyways for blend shape stuff).

Yes fixed for the next release.
Normal will be written only if “export normal” is checked and if the mesh is smooth shaded in Nomad.

So if you want to have flat on layer only, you’ll have to turn smooth shading in the material menu for layers.