Chromatic Aberration Effect


I am just staring my journey with Nomad Sculpt and 3D in general, so forgive if my question is rather silly.

Is it possible to achieve similar effect in Nomad Sculpt? Like this crystal, chromatic aberration effect? I assume it is not just the lightning as I tried adding to my object reflective material and than different light colors, but it doesn’t work quite well. Should there be a specific environment for this?

Thanks in advance

Did something like this a while ago, instead of using just lights, what I did was use a “Chromatic Background” as an HDRI (would probably be a good idea to use one with some black in it to get closer to your example) and the material of the object set to refraction, solid black background. Crank up the exposure and try out different post processing effects. You could also add in different colored lights to add more colors.

Maybe try this one, you could find others on google by searching “Chromatic Wallpaper” or “Chromatic Background”

I even used the exact example image you provided as an environment for this one (the black spots are from the video compression)

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Woooow! This looks so cool, thank you so much! :smiley:
I was searching through all the YT tutorials to find something similar, but nothing was quite as good as your solution!

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