Brush size hotkey on [ ] brackets


Is it possible to add possibility to add hotkeys on brush size using brackets ?

As it works in photoshop, zbrush, 3d coat and other software.

Thank you

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Coming from Zbrush/Blender I think I’m ok with the hotkey + drag for resize but would love it if the resize widget was centered on the pen tip (as opposed to the pen tip being at the edge of the circle, which is clever but less useful).

I’m not sure I understand the request, you can customize every shortcuts in the bindings menu.

As for center edit, the idea was that you could keep the old radius and only make small changes.
But I might change the behaviour, testing multiple options (videos).

Note: you can also change the radius with the 3-fingers vertical drag on the canvas.

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What I like about center edit is that you keep your position on the model and can continue sculpting. At the moment, your cursor moves away when you scale the brush, slowing you down a tiny bit each time.