Binding keys to custom brushes


currently it is not possible to bind keys to custom brushes, right?

Define the first 10 tools as tool slots (or favorite tools). In the binding you can bind a key to a slot. The slot can include a brush, a custom brush or can be empty as well.

The rearrange behavior of drag and drop tools could not be the same as drag and drop tool to the 10 slots. The position of the tools in a slot is not influenced by other tools.

… a tool in a slot is only linking to a tool. So if you would collapse the “tool-slot-panel” everything looks same as before/current.

… for not change the current layout maybe insert a checkbox „Show tool slots". After activating the slots you can see, fill and bind it. Thereafter you can hide the “Tool slots” (maybe call it “favorite tools”) but the bindings still remain.

I wish to have access to custom brushes via keyboard.


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Slots are a good idea if the hotkey ui list can’t be dynamically built/saved with the custom brushes included.
But not sure if the slot assignment should be in such a top position in the ui. It could also be done a bit more hidden, for example with 10 checkboxes (used ones disabled) in the settings menus of each brush.

Not sure if tool slot is the best solution.
If you start rearranging the icon maybe it can be confusing.

I should probably simply add the custom brush shortcut.

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I thought it is not possible to access custom tools directly… This would mean all tools including the custom tools will be find in the binding list?

I remember the first time I connected the keyboard and pressed keys without knowing the shortcuts. I pressed the the numbers and was thinking: with pressing “1” I select tool number one, with “2” I select tool number two… When I tried to set a custom brush to the first position I realized that I was wrong. Maybe this could be a solution as well, maybe …

Thank you!