Batman sculpt (wip)

Batman sculpt inspired by GopGap character design.


Great character! Looking really good.

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Strong pose.
I like the flow of the cape a lot. How did you do it? Is it a plane? Posing a flat box in this way seems to very complicated.

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Is incredible batman

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Thanks knacki!

Thank you Danedesain!

Thanks O-B!

Using a plane or box would have made it difficult to match the torso closely. So I decided to use the torso itself, with added thickness:

First, I duplicated the torso and shoulders, scaled them slightly larger, trimmed them off at the chest height to create a headless & neck less bust (I could have also done this with mask extract). I used flat-fill brush and smooth to build and smooth the valleys between the body and the arms.


Then I masked the back and trimmed the front shape.

Then I masked the bottom edge of the back, inverted the selection, then moved that edge down to lower than the ground plane.

Then I rebuilt the geometry and used move, flat, clay brushes to refine the flow, shape, and minor detail.

Hope that helps!


Thank you for the detailed process and your effort to explain it!
I didn‘t thought that this approach would end in such a smooth and clean cape.
Next time i make a cape i try this :grin:

Love it. Maybe Superman next?

Thanks for passing along this insight. BTW great work!

Nice work!