Baby Yoda and more!

My second sculpt in Nomad. Finished this one tonight. What a fantastic piece of software for the IPad. Had a lot of fun sculpting Baby Yoda!


This Luigi model was my first sculpt in Nomad.


Nice! How did you make the texture of the jacket?


Thank you! The texture was created by making the mesh very high res and using an imported textiles alpha. The alpha I downloaded was a free resource from the Pixologic alpha library.

Awesome! Thanks for the response. I have played with the alphas a little bit, but I will have to do some more now! :slight_smile:

Thanks for that. i’m just starting with modeling and thats a nice resource.
Nomad is amazing.

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No problem, glad you have found it useful.

How on earth did I miss this post! He’s one of the best baby Yodas (The Child) I have seen in the 3d communities on the net! :+1:t2::+1:t2:

Be great to see him rendered with shadows. Hopefully shadows will come to Nomad.:crossed_fingers:t2:

Thanks so much, I really appreciate you kind comments :slight_smile: It’s such a great app, runs so smooth on the iPad! I am really excited for the future of Nomad and hope that more rendering options come in the future too.