Applying a colored texture to an object in v1.84

Hi there,

I must be overlooking something, but I really cannot find how to apply a colored image as a texture on a surface of an object in v1.84. Alphas work fine, but color texturing seems to have moved from the painting menu in previous versions to the upper left ‘material’ menu. When I import a colored image over there next to the ‘Color’ selector, I am not able to get it applied to a brush/stamp/painting. Any link to a recent video (they all seem to be from previous versions) or explanation on how to do it would be very much appreciated!

Thx a lot

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OMG, it is that easy, thanks a lot!!

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I spent 25 minutes watching the 2 videos of Holger where you go 2d to 3d… and was wondering how dense I was that i couldnt figure out this.

Thank you for sharing the solution!