African Mask

I make savage trim and I made this lol.


And that is a great example of trim tool usage. I’m always afraid of using trim. When you chop something it’s final and that scares me a little.

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Nice one @Costorella_Stefano :wink: I like the feathers. Alpha extract?

@Alex Undos, Duplicate before trim. There is no real reason to be afraid except loosing geometry structure. Use project when ever possible to avoid this is my advice. (You need to check the functions. @ErikaCasab made a good video about it. Even though a bit outdated by enormous developing speed.

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@knacki No alpha, triplanar + sculpt

:clap: :clap:
I tried a bit but didn‘t come to a very good result.
I guess only real enhancement could be achieved by hair like sculpting with hundreds of tubes…
Really nice job :muscle: