1.77(4) Trim and Split doubles the layers

Trim quadruples them if symmetry is enabled.
Happens in the web version too.

I think hole filling causes the problem…but Stephane knows it better.

Yep, with hole filling disabled the bug isn’t present.

Similar issue when extracting a mask in 1.77(6)

In the attached video, I drew a moustache on the guy’s face, then extracted. My RAM stats instantly turned yellow, tipping me off that something was funny.
I stopped counting layers around 200 lol.
I’ve had trouble replicating exactly, but it’s happened several times. Will pay attention to my hole-filling settings.

Yes, will be fixed.

On this subject Layer merging


Shit, I thought it was a feature. I’m currently using this “bug” as a way to separate the inner and outter shell when I extract a mesh using the layer channel masking.