Trim and Project

What’s the difference between trim and protect? They both trim.


Display the wireframe and you should get a better idea.


It works in two steps:

  1. first it remove the part that is inside the trim volume
  2. then it fills the hole, not that because of the hole-filling algorithm.

Note that 2. is optional if you uncheck the “fill hole” option in the Tool panel (while Trim is selected)

Also because the hole is “filled”, the filled part will not follow closely the trim shape (unless you are using line cut).


It only projects all the points on the edges of the shape.
It doesn’t impact the wireframe of the mesh, so it can have big artefacts


Maybe at some point I’ll experiment with a tool that combines the 2 above so that you can always get nice topology and correct projection.

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I think I understand this. I set wire frame on and the project trim kept the mesh uniform. The trim tool created a different mesh density in that area.