Strange behavier on tubes

Bug reports

Hey Steph, great to see the New Update is out… I notice a Strange issue, on existing 1.76 files but not on New things I make…

So I take my old sculpt tube for the arm of SpongeBob,

Now when I enable tube profile - this happens:

So the arm gets garbled/twisted or deformed, call it what you want.

Awesome work on the new version :slight_smile:

Do you have a way to replicate the issue? Or maybe you can send me the file/tube?

I’m releasing 1.78 so maybe it has been fixed.

I can send you the file no problem… email ?

You can find the email in the about menu in Nomad, but I just send you a message.

Have it happening when the curve is in a hierarchy with a parent that’s not at 0,0,0. It appears the parent offset gets applied to the profile curve as well.

These new curve toos are so cool :raised_hands:

Found the issue!