Ssgi looks weird version 1.66

I know that the feature is marked as experimental, but I just wanted to show a video of it because it does not look right.

You cannot expect much if you only test a sphere. It’s meant for more complex scene or lighting.

It’s meant to be used with high frame sampling, it’s not really a real time effect. The noise is to be expected.

However the line thing looks like a bug, for some reason it doesn’t happen on desktop.
You can fix the issue a bit by enabling “linear” in the Debug menu, but I’ll look into it (checking this option might break other stuffs).

Here is an example of usage in an extreme case (the spot light is very bright).
Sampling count was on 1000.
It’s a screenspace effect so it has all the limitation of screen-space technique.

Thanks, turn linear does fix it. You’re right testing just a sphere is not enough.

I will be looking for more bugs.

I’ve updated SSGI (web demo only for now) with a fix.
Also ssgi should be less aggressive on a simple sphere.

I know that this is not important or even does not make sense but when you add pixel post processing and ssgi it is very weird.

Yes, I know those two post postprocessing aren’t meant to be put together, but just wanted to let you know.

Indeed, I got a fix for that as well.