Snoop Dogg


These are very good!!

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Wow, congrats! This one turned out pretty good…This is definetely Snoop :slight_smile:

BTW: The Zipper is nice, too!

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Thank you :blush: …zipper ! Made in nomad too :grinning:


Sick :fire:

Great stuff

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Great work mate! As usual, your likeness sculpts are on point.

Thanks you . Flattering !

Thanks threw some textures too . Happy to share :blush:

I know! Must seem strange coming from me :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Ha ha ! :grinning::grinning: appreciate your comments mate

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Heck yeah, no doubt this is snoop. Besides the likeness, I’m also impressed with the top he’s wearing. Really nice use of what I’m guessing are alpha stamps? We’re the epaulettes on the shoulders just painted with depth filtering? Sorry, just curious.

Thanks the shoulder area I have used alphas …I use alaphas a lot coz I am lazy :blush: I created zipper and sliders also using alphas too …little rushed there as likness exhausts me

Being lazy is the key for inventions. :grinning:
I made a master braid with an MCG script in 3Ds max.
Your chains have a very regular, perfect look as well.
Quite challenging in Nomad.

This is phenominal… fantastic work!!!