Shadow problem

Hi, when i add a lighting effect on the scene, shadows are created, but the eyeball, which is a separate obj, cast its own shadow as well, making the scene look awkward from a misplaced eyeball shadow. Lol

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Image please

Seems logical to me that shadows are cast on and from all objects in the scene

A screenshot would help indeed.

How do i upload an image? Sorry I’m a cave man when it comes to this hahaha

Here it is. The one on the shoulder part seems to be the eyeballs shadow

Trick with shadow bias maybe

Can you confirm it’s the eye ball?
What’s happening if you delete it?

Ideally you could send me the file so that I can take a look (
Just reduce the file so that it’s faster to upload (a very aggressive voxel remesh is fine, I just need the shadow bug).

Thanks! I haven’t noticed that i ticked the shadow bias box.

I confirmed it by hiding the eyeball mesh. Thanks for the input. Unchecking the shadow bias box was the trick.