Preacher 9000

Hello everyone!
I’m modeling a cyborg preacher… (WIP).
Missing paint details but close to finish him.
Started in iPad 7gen and Finished now in iPad Pro 5Gen.


Gorgeous! Really nice work.

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Fantastic sculpting! Super detailed but very clean. Well done. The hat design / form is very unusual though. Could polarise people.


So cool detail! love it
The details are extruded with a mask or are separated elements?

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Mostly extruded with “Stamp” brush with alpha shapes

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Thanks! and yep, I know it but this is only art & SciFi… :wink:

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wow really nice work!

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Great detail, man!

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Thanks for all coments!

Final renders in Nomad


Sick as usual bro!

Do you ever retopologize these for game ready models?

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Thanks for your comment.
Not but someday I go to make Retopology and Bake in Blender.

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This is stunning! How do you go about making the alpha stamps? Do you make them in nomad aswell or import them from PC?

All sculpted in Nomad but I started in iPad 7gen and finished in iPad Pro 5gen.
I have a big alphas collection in Nomad…
Thanks For your comments

Hi!, some time later… I did retopology model in Blender and maked bake testing.
16,724 Triangles


16k is great results!!! Looking forward to textured V!!!