My most complicated work

To do it, I missed the lack of the usability of make groups (or at last make folder with the objects)…each tile is an objects…really difficult to work…but the result is great…or not…
… what do you think???


More images


Nice job!

the b&w one is really giving me some silent hill vibes!

And kudos to you for not waiting for instancing :slightly_smiling_face:

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Awesome work, love it.

Thank you all for the comments

This looks great - I like the black and white render, especially.

…a little embarrassed to ask this, but how to post images directly here? I see tool for local uploads but it didn’t worked for me.

That’s usually you accidentally deleted something so the image doesn’t show up.
Or you didn’t wait the upload to finish 100%.

Example:” ![image|689x481] (upload://blabla.png) ” try check if the same as this
I’m not mean the size the file name but symbol.
And all doesn’t have space I put space to show the code looks like.

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