My Little-big hobby

Thank you a lot Hobbyst-ish.
What specific texture type are you referring to?
When I’m working with color, I use several alpha textures as part of the brush. I alternate textures, color and intensity.

A bit of SCI-FI. It’s the start point.
janell340 thanks for the inspiration.

my immediate thought was a flash of memory to a cult classic sci-fi movie from 1990… ‘Hardware’ :nerd_face:


I don’t remember seeing this movie. But the atmosphere is heavy. I like. Is this movie worth watching?
Here are some more cyber skull renders.

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‘Worth watching’? that is a very tricky question… it is very low budget VHS quality sci-fi, but very cult retro! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Retopology in Nomad and Spacedraw.
I use the Tube tool to lay out the topology on a HighPoly object. Or I use planes consisting of 1, 4, 9 polygons to cover the HighPoly model inside Nomad. Next, I combine all the LowPoly objects into one, and export it to an obj file. After I open this obj file in Spacedraw and merge the necessary points and edges.
Here is the result.

Is this app available on PlayStore? i can’t find it <.<

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Spacedraw has been removed from the Android Playstore.
I managed to buy it when it was still available in the Android playstore. This program is no longer supported by the developer. The official website of Socalysoft deals with 3d printers. But this is the Internet, nothing is lost in Internet.:wink:

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Technically you still find it on apkmure or apkmirror, at your own risk.


I don’t get it, what you’re doing there with the teeth :smiley:
Wouldn’t it be easier to run it through zrmesher in zBrush to get a cleaner topology?

If you write about getting an app on illegal sites, than we can talk about zbrush too.

Everything is for free, if you know where to look ^^

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I know that ZBrush has handy tools. But this is a pocket project. It’s just a hobby. I want to make this head using apps that are available on android. It’s a waste of time I know. It’s slow. But manual topology is an entertaining task for me. While everyone is flipping through the Facebook feed, I am retopologizing on my smartphone… just fun.

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That’s what i was looking for too, make an entire nice project only on android…annnd if we look for zbrush (if we exclude the ilegal ways to get it, it’s damn expensive)
At the moment blender is the way for me and it can run in slow spec PC too.

This is a very slow process…I mean UVs mapping in Spacedraw.

I created this model on an Android smartphone. I used programs available only on android os. Concept and HighPoly model created in Nomad Sculpt. The texture consists of parts of screenshots from Nomad. I edited and composed the texture in Autodesk SketchBook. Modeling geometry and UV unwrapping made in Spacedraw. All this was done for fun.
It’s The finale model.

This is a concept made by Nomad.

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Funny, I’m still doing retopology. АHa ha ha)