Mumma Mia! More works

Please be gentle, it is a replica of my Mum :smiling_face:
Not a caricature….a replica :heart_eyes:

Mum anim


Well - first: I’m sorry for you. She must have been a pain in public …

Besides that: good sense of dynamics! Although, her torso/back is off… And please: give her a straight stick… You know most likely better, what happens, when she needs help for getting up again … It’s always your fault, you **** of a son/daughter…

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More recent work.


Nice :+1: I never have the patience to create complex characters, I start faces over & over again & when they aren’t up to Pixar standards I move on :man_facepalming::joy:

A terrific caricature! Love the detail on the shirt patterning :slight_smile: