Humanoid base meshes generator

Not like MBLABS that adds skin textures and hair this will just make a base mesh for you.

you can use sliders like a typical character customization in a video game shoot I wouldn’t even add eyes to the generator straight up blank face I know this is a lot to ask for.

This will make it so you’ll still have to sculpt the skins and the face and finer details of the humanoid base mesh body parts.

I think MBLABS uses the shape keys in blender to customize the body parts you guys might be able to do something similar with the face groups.

Probably should cap the vert count until you validate the mesh.


Zbrush human: paid👎

Makehuman/blender addon: open source

MB-LABS: open source

Adobe Fuse: paid👎

This is a GitHub project I found that’s in C++ but sadly I don’t think it’s in OpenGL it’s says GLSL and HLSL.


Why not just use something like PoseIt? Create your pose then import it into Nomad. You would then have a base mesh and be able to sculpt on it.

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This is more of a feature request to the users.
You can also make these base mesh editors / generators yourself, using the layers. I have already made a few of these editors.
Of course, it also works for complete bodies.


I’ve never used this app thanks for showing it to me.

I’ve never thought of doing it like this.