Can't move object in scene list

I want to move objects in the hyerachy list but it doesn’t work. There’s no move tool icon like explained in the documentation and the clic and drag just scrolls the entire list up and down, wherever i clic on to.
I searched the web and found a video where a guy explains how to move objects in the hierachy list:

It is exaclty what i’m trying to do except it doesn’t work on my end; and it is very annoying to use workarounds. Is there something I’m missing or is it a bug?
I’m using a samsung s8 utlra.

Tap and hold on an object in the object list within the area outlined:

it doesn’t work, it just drags the list

Make sure to long press while standing still.

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Thanks, that actually works! I tried everything except that… it is hard to be exatly still with the pen maybe that’s why I never found how to do it