Can't click the "(?)" help circle tooltips if slider is full. (Android /Samsung S7+ / SPen)

Bug reports - So, if you try and activate the tooltip / help via the question mark circle in a slider, it only works if the slider value is lower than the location of the icon. So if the icon is roughly half way through, you have to turn the setting (intensity, opacity, etc) to under 50% to click it. Then, after reading it, you need to turn it back to what you had it at. Just a small thing I noticed that #bugged me.

I donโ€™t replicate the bug all, tooltips are always working fine when I try, what slider are you talking about specifically?

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Iโ€™ll record a quick video for you. Itโ€™s only when I go to click the circle ? when the slider is at least 50% or more (if thatโ€™s where the ? is). Hard to explain but Iโ€™ll do a sanity check before I record it :slight_smile: Thanks for the quick response, this app is absolutely perfect

So, it happens on the Paint Weights slider under Decimation in Topology. I recorded a video. Let me know if you need thatโ€ฆ wonโ€™t let me upload because Iโ€™m a new user

No itโ€™s fine, I found the bug.
It only happens with specific GUI colours.