What bugs me

This is not a bug; it is what bugs me. What ‘bugs’ me is how great this software is and I’m being demeaned by those whom use Zbrush. I just met a person who saw me working on the web version; at a public outlet for the web, and now is interested in the software. She is homeless and only has access via a phone. This will allow her to add to her portfolio with a simple payment. She has CAD experience and now wants to learn more to expand her capabilities and improve her portfolio. Also, thanks to all whom post help and support. I believe you do more than the colleges. So, in short, I cannot express enough the work Stephoni has done in helping those that cannot afford to pay a premium for what is considered a standard by the education system(reminds me of Autodesk being taught in college). There, with that said, I now no longer have a bug up my…

To all that support Nomad Sculpt I say thank you; for you have shown what can be done for those that cannot afford the unaffordable.