Very slow text input

Bug reports
When i try to input text for sliders popup show after 3 ou 4 sec and if i want to tap text it react after 5 sec and very slowly.

In french

Quand je veux introduire la valeur manuellement pour n’importe quel slider alors il faut plusieurs secondes avant d’avoir le popup et ensuite une fois que j’ai le clavier iPad il faut encore plusieurs secondes pour que je puisse introduire une valeur. J’ai essayé avec une nouvelle scène etc c’est pareil alors que. D’la fonctionnait bien avant.

Can‘t confirm.
Do you have this problem everywhere, or in just a special menu only?

Did you restart your iPad once? Sometimes this does wonder.

I restart 2 times. Problem everywhere. Other apps works fine. If i have no solution even if it is not really a good solution is reinstall clean (delete and reinstall) because Json modify not work for me but clean réinstall fix many problem. I wait until this evening for a solution if not i savent my alpha matcap and project and reinstall

Sorry to hear that.
Here is a list of possible things one could try before reinstall. Even though this is for general input delay, it maybe help to find the reason.

It’s not général just in nomad. But thx for help

Yes, but maybe one of those actions help. No one knows. The ways of bits & bytes are deep.

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I’m pretty extreme in my decisions so if it doesn’t work out the way I want it will be a reinstallation. it’s so quick and easy to reinstall that I don’t mind. hoping of course that it solves the problem

But this way, you won‘t find the reason. Maybe you‘ll have same prob soon again.
What about all these alphas you loaded till Nomad didn‘t start anymore?
Was that the beginning of your issue?
Through them out!
All of them and you‘ll have fun again.

It is possible that the bug appeared because of the alphas but I am at work and I do not know how to test now but I intend to empty the alpha folder and do as gary told me to know how to load the alphas by project.

Reinstalling Nomad is exactly the same as deleting everything inside Nomad folder.

What is your device?
Does it happen with every sliders or only the first time?

Every sliders. I have Ipad pro 12.9 2018 4gb ram.

Hmm weird I didn’t change anything as far as I can tell.

Each character is slow or it only takes a long time to:

  • display the popup
  • display the keyboard

Popup and keyboard are slow exemple if i click on number for delete the number and retype it make 5 seconds or more sometimes nothing reacts (rare). And each caractères are slow.

I make a video for the exemple.

I come home from work, I just took back my iPad which charged the day, I run nomad I redo the test and now everything works … so much the better but I did not understand I did not do anything special except let it charge for the day as usual.