Triton’s Mistress - WIP

Some new work to kick start off the year, still very much in development. Will post more when nearer completion.

New updates:

New images, sculpt completed. Paint & render still to come. Keeping it in MatCap for now.

Thanks to @stephomi, I was able to get my sculpt back on track. 99% finished for the sculpt stage. Slightly different rendition than the previous images - horrible babies have been upgraded, along with a few additional but subtle model adjustments.


Dude… This is too weird…
I love it :sparkling_heart:

The amount of forms and details you already nailed is astounding

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Thank you very much!! :blush:

So much fine detail! breaks my mind just to comprehend this, its like a poem in digital clay! Amazing work!! please show us a finished render.

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Thank you for such inspiring words! I was inspired to sculpt this from listening to this particular track: Mt Eden - Sierra Leone feat. Freshly Ground - YouTube (Dubstep might not be to everyones taste etc. but its a particularly atmospheric & emotional piece imo.) - but this track brought about the idea of creating something tragic, despairing - coupled with my added personal quirk for horror lol. I’ll be whittling my way through this throughout the week, will be posting more as always! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Hi John, Thank you for sharing more detail, I listened to the song while looking at your artwork, very inspiring and it gave me some art ideas as well. I love when music inspires ones creativity. Mt Eden has some really good songs.