Silverback 01

Probably equates to a bit over an hour…


Sculpt tonight… Sleeping Egyptian God


Another update… lunchtime addons


That’s amazing, I love the amount of detail!

I’m going to just try and show off what I’m creating while I have my escape sculpting sessions.

So this sculpt has probably a total of only 2 hours in.

  • This is a testament to the power of the tool on an iPad Pro 12.9 Gen 4.
  • I’m getting a boost on the detail by maxing out the mesh in remeshing until I get to a happy place.
  • I’m then subdividing the mesh then to get a boost.
  • I’ve noticed that once you get close to a ceiling of about 8mil Polycount you’re going to start to have issues saving or making significant alternations in the file structure but I presume this will improve with optimization.

Thanks again Stephomi for this tool I’m almost using theraputically!


This is great work!