Nomad On IPAD with no stylus

So, I have an eleven inch IPAD Pro and it was originally bought for me to use Procreate…But, I wasn’t too motivated to start since I was confused about how my art journey should begin.

Unfortunately, that perfectionism led to me waiting long enough for my Apple Pen to break and so digital painting isn’t an option for me right now. However, 3D sculpting and pixel art seems to be really interesting too! Especially 3D sculpting so I was wondering if it’s worth buying Nomad on the IPAD if I don’t have a stylus? Does it have that sort of capability? If so, are there any drawbacks that come with using your fingers instead of the Apple Pencil? Thank you so much for your replies!!

Perfectionism works to a point. As long as you don’t forget to have fun. Unless you’re doing it for a job anyway. Like every new tool, play around with everything until you find a combination of new things that might look interesting together and build from there. It’s art, there is no right or wrong way to begin or end. But, if you’re not enjoying it, what are you doing it for. Every project doesn’t need to be posted and pondered over for subtextual undertones of pre-colonial fart smells.

As for Nomad, yes it works just as well with your fingers as it does with a stylus. Just takes practice, like everything. I personally prefer the Apple Pencil, but I’ve seen some crazy sculpts from people saying they are just using their fingers for sculpting. It can be done.


I used Nomad for quite some time with an Adonit Jot stylus and/or my finger. I still use the stylus/finger on my iPhone when I don’t have my iPad with me. It works well but you have to be careful of your palm. Having a stylus of any kind is better than my finger, but my finger works and is always there.

I now have an iPad Pro 12.9” and the Apple Pencil 2 and while it’s much better and more enjoyable that the Adonit, I still find I have to be careful with my palm (palm rejections isn’t always 100% accurate).

Any way you go, it’s still an enjoyable app and works well.