Nomad Change Log (last version: 1.32)


ios: fix crash (permission) when exporting image on iOS (“save in image”)
ios: should be able to import hdr format as environment
ios: expose App folder visibility again
ios: smart keyboard improvements
ios: pencil double tap (experimental)
ios: make edge button more responsive
ios: triple-tap for redo works a bit better

gizmo: edit custom pivot
gizmo: can be used with multiple objects
gizmo: improve gizmo UX (add “camera view” translation and make is easier to interact with)

mask: toggle visibility
mask: “split” and “extract” features now retain layers and painting
mask: “split” and “extract” have now more option (“fill hole” vs “extract thickness” vs “none”)
mask: fix crash when using any of the mask buttons with no selection

files: fix STL export
files: obj import is more robust
files: STL/OBJ now correctly export the final layered-composited colors
files: reduces crash when exporting and importing by reducing temporary memory footprint
files: GLB now export PBR in more friendly way, so that it can be more easily used in other 3d softwares like Blender
files: fix triplanar export/import
files: background image and matcaps are now correctly loaded/saved (the texture itself is not embedded though)

interface: toolbox UI customization (auto-hide + column count)

tools: stamp and inflate were broken with dynamic topology
tools: add “Split” tool, similar to “Trim” but produces two meshes instead one mesh

scene: add “close holes” and “separate unconnected part”

shading: painting can now be hidden

history: fix undo/redo with triplanar

misc: hole filling is improved (face direction was sometimes flipped)
misc: add an option to allow non-recognized stylus pressure (finger, etc)



ios: fix keyboard shortcut for mask clear/invert
ios: when importing an image, you can choose between Photos or Files

android: try to support keyboard

voxel: substraction mode added (invisible mesh -> subtracted)
voxel: improve resolution handling with multiple objects

files: simplify autosave behavior (use regular app popup instead of save on exit)
files: fix GLB crash when exporting normals with layers
files: fix GLB load primitive non-uniform scale handling
files: fix STL orientation
files: dropping files directly into Nomad app subfolders is now more robust

performance: disabling smooth shading small speed up
performance: triangle order optimization (for voxel remeshing, but especially for global surface remeshing)

multires: improve reverse algorithm to support more cases
multires: improve duplicate multiresolution mesh (keep all levels)
multires: when exporting, always export the highest level possible

mask: with hide-mask mode, you cannot interact with invisible part (extract and split works as well)
mask: with hide-mask mode, you can remask the visible part normally
mask: extract and split will now modulate the thickness with the mask value
mask: while you hold the mask shortcut, you can blur by tapping on a masked area or sharpen on an unmasked area

triplanar: you can use SelMask tool
triplanar: double click on a plane to snap the view onto this plane
triplanar: add an option to convert a mesh to triplanar
triplanar: fully unmasked planned have now a special handling so that the result is not empty

primitive: fix gizmo not being centered when validating symmetrical primitive
primitive: fix the way configuration constraints works (slider range and automatic adjustment)

scene: hidden mesh (eye icon, not opacity factor) that are selected now displayed with an hatch pattern
scene: viewport mesh selection is improved (only simple tap can switch mesh, not tap-and-drag)
scene: add “isolate selection” option
scene: hold smooth shortcut (or shift) to select multiple meshes

gizmo: simply click on the mesh to move translate pivot point
gizmo: fix camera plane translate (orange ball) when gizmo is in local space
gizmo: “Move origin” option works better when multiple objects are selected

interface: handle phone notch
interface: separate top “tool menu” into separate “stroke” and “tool” menu
interface: add “minify ui” option (in about popup)

layer: “layer” tool will now take into account the existing offset of the current layer
stroke: add additional intensity multiplier
camera: fix orthographic visual artefact
input: add palm rejection contact area threshold (pressure panel)
dyntopo: fix holes appearing when re-opening the app and potential crash on saving
symmetry: when loading a project or a file, make sure symmetry is in the correct mode (local/world)
paint: add a “paint all” option that take channel masking and paint intensity into account
history: fix “restore camera” when redoing an operation