My sculpts

I like him better without a head - reminds me of the Mondoshawan in the Fifth Element :+1:t2:

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Good point, I inspired more with the GOT chracter The Mountain

So cute! Give him color.

Colorize is my pending lecture but I will try it :slight_smile:

Cool,cool.When my old acid ‘Ed remains i do glimpse the tiny face of the insect? Thanks.Is that Josepmy pic from headroom.Yea I still got original postcard!?Some cool early animatronics going on in that show!I me stuck with Spheres working alone (thank god’s for canvas)!Only my 3rd day with Nomad?Today with Wombo dream!Guess I just keep clicking & Exploring?Keep costs low an pick creatives from the Heavily DATA HARVESTED APP!Not share holder bathers!! Thanks :pray:Stewart.

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Hehehe, yes, Max Headroom is and will be the best, a pioneer! And Ed and channel 4 the perfect companions. Here a local tv used Max as a co-presenter of a music program with a big impact over many of us. I have in process the 3d model of Max Headroom :slight_smile:

Hi Joseph.Mmmm.So soap?Do you have a design for Pope on a rope? Thanks. Stewart.:rainbow_flag:

Let me think… Nop :thinking:

Some random sketch

Floor is lava :slight_smile:
Sphere sculpted using the turntable

I’ve borrowed an AI midjourney generated image, some Procreate work and placed my lava world inside :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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