Mike’s work

Not sure if you folks are interested in printed and painted result, but here it is. I can now move on to another figure and finally learn all the latest Nomad features


All your sculpts look amazing! Do you have an instagram account?


Thank you sir.
I do have an account but I don’t post my figures there :slight_smile:

This is fantastic, Mike. Congrats.

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Awesome result! Cool model and pose

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Tommy Angelo from Mafia.
Probably will print it later and move on to the next sculpt for now


Really nice! May I ask what your method for creating the coat billowing out was? Creating thin forms can be tricky, I’m curious what your approach was - it looks great.

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I’m also curious how many vertices a model like this is (before any decimation). Thanks.

Me too interested about the coat :grinning:

Hey folks,

This scene has 9.8M vertices but tbh I do not really care about the topology. For the printing I’ll decimate it down to ~2M (just a decimation tool, no retopology)

As for the coat, not so many tricks here. A few rotation via mask+gizmo tools, a lot of moves and some clay+folds alphas. I do it back and forth pretty randomly till I get somewhat fine result.


Excellent, both perseverance and results, even working with printer scales :star::star::star:

Excellent, both perseverance and results, even working with printer :star::star:

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Fallout 2


Archangel from Heroes of Might and Magic III


Very nice! :clap:t3:

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GTA III / Vice City


That’ actually is really good…

I like how she seems to absolutely naturally pushed her left hand up, not to interfere, but protect her little buddy, who is trusting in her… Only the sword out of her left hand is too straight down… steals the dynamics… Please, push it either a bit more out, or give her left hand some gravity to the bottom… It’s too pointy, right now, to the highest point on the ground. But for no reason.