MatCap Shader in PBR!

Had to share this test. Just using Materials & PP, replicated the actual MatCap shader look by accident whilst in PBR. MatCap with lights & reflection can now be a thing! It’s not just a look-alike, it’s the exact same one!


I guess it’s the postprocessing that gives it the same detail.

Seeing the nose so far up made me realize evolution has probably placed it lower so it can better act as a bouncer that keeps bad food from entering the mouth while eating without paying attention :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Post Processing and materials played a big part, there’s another mesh around the outside and when that was set to Dithering with all the other effects running, it just popped, appeared. Lol its a pumpkin carving with a piggy nose on the forehead, originally i was gonna shove a breathing tube in him and have him submerged because why not - then this happened, and, I just had to play :laughing:

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