Lopoisaac - thread for my sculpts

Hi! My name is Isaac. I’m a spanish artist and this is my first post. I do 3d sculpts in Blender (I’m @lopoisaac in Twitter). I recently got Nomad Sculpt because I was curious and I love the software so far!

I thought about making this thread for posting what I do in the same place so I can check my evolution over time (but feedback is very welcomed). See you around :slight_smile:


More progress on this character . The reference on the background is really useful on my 11” screen!


How did you make the bands around the legs?

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Thanks! The circular bands are made just be painting masks on the legs and extracting the shapes (and then you trim and move things around). Up close looks bad (a bit rough) so I probably should redo them by adding more topology to the legs before painting the masks

The band on the right (the one with good topology) was made from a subdivided plane and multires. I basically start with the simplest shape possible that defines the band (moving carefully the vertices using a small radius, selection masks…) and then I add a multires level. I move the new vertices and then I add another level and repeat.

But the overall shape is made on the lowest levels (I never ever use the move brush on the highest levels of an object with multires because it destroys the primary nice shape of the object). Sorry if my explanation in English is confusing :confounded:


More progress…


Wow, can’t wait to see more

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Really nice :slight_smile:

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Thank you guys!! :innocent:

How did you get such nice details, with such a low poly count (legs)? This is awesome!
You only used Nomad for this one?

Very nice concept and model

This is looking very good! Nice job so far.

Thanks! Do you mean in the last screenshot? I guess I use multires all the time. In one screenshot (the last one) the legs look more detailed because they have multires and some levels with the detail (they aren’t lowpoly). But in another screenshot (the one with the white bands and the wireframes) the legs are indeed lowpoly and don’t have multires (I think I added the detail later). So the detail is because of the multires (in the last screenshot).

Yes! I’m using only Nomad :slight_smile:

Thank you! The concept is by a great artist called Rinotuna https://twitter.com/rinotuna

Thanks knacki! Sculpting in Nomad is super fun! I can even sculpt at my job when my boss is not there and I’m alone :eyes:

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It’s super!

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Thanks! I’m enjoying this app a lot :heart_eyes_cat:


Me too, it’s addictive :yum:

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Seriously cool. Head shape and eyes are a bit less manga style as reference, but the rest is so pretty well done, I guess it’s intentional? Love the stylised hair and everything…to be honest. :vulcan_salute:


Oh yes yes it’s intentional. I’m happy you noticed this because in my forever journey of learning art I’m always questioning these kind of things :slight_smile:

Anime/manga is pretty much stylized art: the eyes aren’t anatomically correct, no shadows or shadows with sharp terminator, characters without nose, etc. BUT it looks nice right? At least our brain knows (or learns) how to recognize the stylized features of a manga character and identify them as “human features” instead of just random colors and strokes on a flat surface.

Yes, a character that looks nice in 2D can be converted into 3D with some “trickery”. There are tons of examples of good 3d characters with manga style. Like Genshin Impact.

IMO the problem with this style is migrating from a 2D medium to the 3d world. Because when you do this you spend a lot of time doing visual “tricks” in 3D in order to make it look 2d.

So you sculpt something in 3d in order to make it look… less 3D?

And I like this style a lot. But in the final result I rather prefer more accurate 3d eyes that look good from any angle than eyes painted on a sphere that look ‘weird’ from some angles.

I think 2D should stay 2D and 3D, when using a 2d concept as a reference, should aim for a new version of the concept that looks different but still preserves key details from the original. It’s not always a good idea to just copy something as it is.

That’s why I usually make my sculpts different to the concepts: because I want to spent more time ‘sculpting in 3d’ and less time ‘painting in 2d’. But I admire people who like to translate a 2d style into 3d of course!

Again, this is a personal preference. I tried to translate 2d concepts to 3d in the past and I always struggled to get decent results. So in the end I decided that instead of tweaking shaders or faking the geometry/normals, etc I rather redo/re-imagine the concept as I feel it should be.


(BTW These 3 concepts are from the same artist)

Finally, this super interesting video explains better what I’m trying to say here.


I manually painted shadows and AO using the fantastic layer system (this is matcap view). It took me a while. Next time I’ll try to export all the objects to Blender and bake everything into the vertex colors as a experiment…


Imported this old model from Blender with the vertex colors baked. In Blender now colors can be stored per vertex or per face corners. I think Nomad uses face corners. Not sure if this can affect the import/export between apps in the future.

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