King Crab Sculpt

Hey Everybody,

It’s King Crab. He is ready for a fight. Or surprised that someone stole his fried eggs. :slight_smile:



Nice design!

Thank you PVietto!

Super nice!

Love this. :slight_smile:

Particularly like the near translucent look on the ‘eye stalks’.

Horn details are great.

Going to have to ask though, the fur / moss on his arm and back. How did you approach that ?

Hey Garyforce,

thank you! I added fur and rendered it in Houdini.


Ahhhh :slight_smile:

Fair enough… though you had uncovered so mysterious secret or rendering fur in nomad :smiley:

Nice job

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I like the King Crab! Nice model and nice fur.

Nice work, I’m interesting how you made this shapes. Maybe you will make mini Timelapse

I really like your rendering. The sculpt is really good too