Hierarchical arrangement

My wish would be the possibility of a hierarchical arrangement of objects in the object list and a zero object like in cinema4d. it is then much easier to separate individual object sections and then rotate or position them. However, I have no idea whether this is even possible to implement in nomad. best regards, marko

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What is a zero object?

Otherwise hierarchy is planned, it’s a big feature so it might take some time.

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I’m guessing a zero object is a null. Or a locator in Maya.

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Null-Object is an empty container with object coordinates, in fact a pivot object. Of course, every other object would also work, but this would then have points, polygons … which would then occupy the RAM.

yes that it is not that easy to implement, I thought to myself. but I think that’s nothing for you, it will just jump out of your magic hat, tada,:wink:

A tiny step is already possible till reopening app!

  • Make a selection of different objects.
  • Choose move pivot

Now, each time you select same objects again, the edited pivot can be used. But this is not saved! Next time you open the file, you need to redo this.

I know that is unfortunately a bit very, very tedious ;-(

I’ve been collecting a few ideas here: Collecting TreeView UI Ideas - #9 by ray
Feel free to add to your ideas to that too
zero/null/locator/empty objects are “groups” there, I think it’s the same concept

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I find myself using simple merge and ‘move pivot’ a lot to simulate this. It’s a sculpting app, after all, not an animation program. Nesting things into collections would be nice tho, when the object list gets too long it is a hassle to manage.