Grenadier sculpt

A french napoleonic grenadier, am not an expert but do seem to get on with nomad sculpt.
Just one comment, if you look in the pic I seem to have lost the little control, for top, side etc.



The snap cube can be toggled on/off in the Settings menu.

Cool, I had a book of uniforms of those days as a child. Loved to look at all different styles. While French were partly already cool, I definitely loved Hungarian hussars. I loved the jackets, some with fur. This deeply impressed a young boy.

For orientation, I put camera snap in bottom menu. That’s awesome! Just rotate close to the view you want, tap camera snap, and you are at precise side, from, top, rear view, whatever.

But switch off “camera reset”, and “flip on already snap” !
You can test, but made me crazy.
The cube is good, but snapping was not always on first hit. Camera Snap is a no brainer.

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Thank you, Knacki

Thank you Stephomi