Double skull - Nomad and PS

Slide 1: Finished work. Sculpted in Nomad, several Matcaps were layered in Photoshop and manipulated until I was (for the most part) happy with it.

Slide 2: Original idea. It was a digital collage with a single found image from the internet. As much as I enjoy doing digital collages, I always hate that there is a grey area on ownership and it’s hard to keep the “style” consistent if you are just using found pics.

Slide 3: I tried painting it in Procreate and really wasn’t happy with its direction, so I abandoned it.

Slide 4: Skull sculpt prior to matcaps or shading in Photoshop. I do have to admit that I used a downloaded base mesh for the original skull here so that I could jump forward to manipulating it more and shift into the finishing touches quicker.